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by Jason Mosseri

Bespoke Handmade Chairs

From thrones to milking stools, chairs have been a feature of human life for thousands of years. The Windsor style has been around for about 300 years. Its a broad term that refers to a chair that consists of a seat with parts ‘socketed’ into it.

I make elegant, contemporary Windsor chairs, using time honoured tools and techniques. I enjoy the discipline of working within an established form, that is defined by its practicality and comfort. The challenge is to find ways to express creativity and vision, in ways that enhance the tradition.

Like many people, I find the form of a chair quite fascinating, exceeding that of any other type of furniture. I believe this is is because, by its very nature, a chair is ‘creature’ like; it has arms & legs, a back and a seat….making a chair that enhances this character is a very enjoyable and often playful process.

About Hope Springs Chairs


Each chair is a journey, one that often starts with me spending a day in the woods…

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Take a look at the portfolio to see a selection of my latest bespoke, handmade windsor chairs.

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Learn all the green woodworking skills you need to make a handsome and strong English windsor chair.

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To enquire about purchasing or commissioning a chair, to discuss your ideas, or to find out about upcoming shows, galleries and outlets, please contact me.