The Workshop

Tucked away in the leafy depths of my garden, my chairmaking workshop consists of a timber framed building, 12’x15’, where I do the bulk of my making, and also a ‘Bodgers’ timber framed shelter where I do my woodturning on a pole-lathe.

I am a green woodworker; I make my chair parts from relatively fresh ‘wet’ or ‘green’ timber. This allows me to split parts from logs, and shape them using traditional hand tools whilst the wood is softer.

These split or ‘riven’ parts, are then turned on the lathe, or steamed and bent onto forms to provide strong curved components. All these ‘green’ parts are then kiln dried before the chair is assembled, ensuring a strong tightly framed chair.

I take pride in the fact that my craft is low impact and has a relatively low carbon footprint. I source my’green’ timber , Ash,Beech,Cherry, Oak, from local estates that are being professionally managed by experienced woodsmen. These estates are in a constant process of cutting, thinning, and replanting in order to provide income, promote healthy and diverse woodland and to create growth for the future.

I use certified kiln dried stock for seats, carefully selected from Sussex sawmills.

To enquire about purchasing or commissioning a chair, to discuss your ideas, or to find out about upcoming shows, galleries and outlets, please contact me.